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Will the Netherlands win the UEFA EURO 2020?

We had to wait seven years for it but after two missed tournaments the Dutch national team are participating in the UEFA European Football Championship this summer. Therefore, we will see the so-called “Oranjegekte” again [1]. Obviously, the Netherlands only participates to win the UEFA EURO 2020 cup, even if it has only happened once before, in 1988. The Dutch won the final match 2-0, with goals coming from captain Ruud Gullit and tournament top scorer Marco van Basten. However, there is a similarity between then and now; the Netherlands also missed the tournament at […]

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home advantage

Home advantage in football: does it exist?

Football is the most popular sport of the world. It is to some extent even part of our culture. Especially during the world championships, the whole country is in the grip of this sport. Everyone basically wants the same thing: their team to win. A very important factor here is the so-called “home advantage”: teams who play in their home stadium tend to have an advantage over their opponents. However, now during the COVID-19 pandemic, football matches are played in empty stadiums. There are no yelling supporters anymore singing for their home team. This is […]

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sports betting

The World of Sports Betting

It’s Saturday evening and you’re watching a football game with a couple of friends. Unfortunately, the game is between mediocre teams, so you don’t expect to see a great match. However, one of your friends has an idea to spice it all a bit up and to make the game more entertaining. You decide to all put in 10 euros, so you can place a bet on the outcome of the match. The game which you assumed to be boring before, is now starting to become a bit tenser. And it’s not only you and […]

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Why Formula 1 is crucial for our safety

Many of you have probably watched the most recent race in Imola, where Max Verstappen achieved his 11th career win. During the Grand Prix, two drivers crashed into each other at 300 kilometres per hour and caused the race to be red-flagged. Luckily, the drivers could get out of their cars with no scratches. Had this accident occurred 30 years earlier, however, we would have seen a completely different outcome. The early days Formula 1 is the highest class of international auto racing for single-seater formula racing cars. It is the pinnacle of autosport and […]

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How carbon plates are changing the running scene

On the 6th of may 2017, I woke up early in the morning to watch a special race: the sub-2 hour project announced by Nike. During my breakfast, a very special athlete was cruising at a pace of around 21.1 km/hour on a race track in Monza, Italy. Guided by pacemakers and an electric car that projected the formation the runners had to run in, Kipchoge was going to do something very special. Inspired by this event, I decided to go for a jog myself. When I came back, Eliud Kipchoge finished the marathon in […]

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Podcast de Econometrist: de balans tussen feest en sport

Een primeur! De allereerste podcast in de geschiedenis van de Econometrist. In deze podcast duiken Sjors en Jochem dieper in de rol van sport in het leven van een student, en alle keuzes en uitdagingen die daarbij komen kijken. Tune in en zone out door jezelf onder te dompelen in de wereld van de studentensportverenigingen, de FOMO die door sport op de loer ligt en de anekdotes van twee zelfverklaard ervaringsdeskundigen. Te beluisteren op zowel de Econometrist als Spotify! Deze podcast is gemaakt door Sjors Keet en Jochem Hak

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Depletion workouts | what are they?

Summer is getting closer, but unfortunately the gyms are still closed due to Dutch measures to fight COVID-19. However, it is a good time to obtain essential information on doing workouts, in fact on doing depletion workouts. But what are these workouts? If you are wondering and you would like to challenge yourself physically as well as mentally, I recommend you keep reading!   Body system When it comes to workouts for hypertrophy, which is the growth of muscle cells, you usually have a date to aim for to be looking your best. It could […]

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Can sports change the world?

In 1994, Nelson Mandela was in his first term as President of South Africa and tried to bring his divided country together. President Mandela knew that South Africa was radically and economically divided by Apartheid. In an attempt to unite his nation, he initiated a unique venture by inviting Franciois Pienaar, the Captain of the Springboks (the national rugby team), to come to the government palace for tea. Mandela gave Francois extra inspiration to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup in Johannesburg in order to unite his people through the universal language of sport. This […]

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The Weeknd Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show 2021

The Super Bowl is won during the Half-Time Show

It started with marching bands, Micheal Jackson made it big, Diana Ross used a helicopter and Justin Timberlake caused women to be ignored for 7 years during the hiring process. We are of course talking about the Super Bowl Half-Time Show! The 15-minute extravaganza has been part of the sports event since the start and has helped it to become one of the largest broadcasted events each year. However, it took 26 Super Bowls to figure out that hiring A-list talent was the way to go. Michael Jackson, U2, Lady Gaga, Shakira & Jennifer Lopez, […]

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Are jugglers actually math enthusiasts?

Juggling, something we have all tried at least once in our life. For some, it resulted in the great satisfaction of three balls flying in perfect harmony through the air. For others, it was a traumatic experience of balls flying everywhere except for the right place. It is a quite challenging, but rewarding hobby. Some studies have even shown that people who learn to juggle have a boost in their brain development. Learning to juggle accelerates the growth of neural connections related to memory, focus, movement, and vision. But despite what some people might think, […]

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Hot hand

Do basketball players have a hot hand?

If you are a basketball fan, you are probably familiar with the term: the hot hand. This is often used when a player is on a scoring streak and it seems likely that he will also score the next point. He is very confident, he feels good, and therefore it seems like his hand is just “on fire”. Former Chicago Bulls coach Doug Collins famously told about their tactic at the end of the match when Michael Jordan was doing well: “Get the ball to Michael and everybody get the f*** out of the way”. […]

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Chinook: world’s best checkers player

Checkers, the ancient game which was quite easy to learn, has been solved. Along with other classical games, such as Connect Four and Qubic, the game has been pronounced dead. It was killed by Jonathan Schaeffer, who made the computer checkers program ‘Chinook’. Besides that, he publicated, “Checkers is solved’, which is a mathematical proof showing that the game always results in a draw when neither player makes a mistake.   Checkers; how to play it More than 150 documented different variations of Checkers exist. Of those 150, only two versions have a large international […]

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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