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The power of subliminal messages

Did you ever go for a quick stop at the grocery store to buy some essential products that you needed to have and then came back home with way more food and drinks than you were planning to do so? Like most of us, you probably have done so. You didn’t need that bottle of Coca-Cola or those cookies, but the temptation was just too big. Right back at home, you might already be asking yourself why you even did it. Well, subliminal messages might be the reason you just bought that extra drink you […]

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healthy brain

The lazy person’s guide to a healthy brain

Now that the summer holiday is around the corner it is time to relax and unwind. After all the exams and deadlines of the past weeks, some downtime to enjoy the weather, lay down in the park, or go out with friends is well deserved.  However, once the new year has started after weeks of just slacking around during the summer, studying or working can be quite challenging and tiresome. Your brain just isn’t used to be stimulated anymore. And even though you intended to stay healthy by sleeping a lot, eating healthy, and exercising, […]

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Social engineering

The UG is taking new measures to prevent hackers from attacking their network. Therefore, we have been subjected to the mandatory password change, and soon, the university will require two-factor authentication for all it’s users. These measures will make it more difficult for attackers to gain access to the networks of the university, however, no matter how strong your password is, you should never forget that people are the weakest link in the security chain. That’s why we are often responsible for the failure of security systems. During the corona pandemic we have observed a […]

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music brain

Music is the perfect workout for your brain

If you want to train your body you should go to the gym. Do you want to exercise your brain? Then you should listen to music. Music impacts multiple parts of the brain. Did you know that music acts on the brain similar to cocaine? Listening to music increases dopamine in the nucleus accumbens, which is the same part of the brain that acts on illegal drugs. Luckily, music can be used for more positive purposes, such as pain reduction, stress relief and a better memory. Memory Listening to music can bring back a memory […]

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Newcombs paradox

Newcomb’s paradox

Let’s suppose that we have a game with two players. One is a person that will make a decision and the other is a supercomputer that will try and predict that decision beforehand. This computer has been tested many times and the testers have worked out that the computer can predict the decision of the player with 99% accuracy. The game works as follows: two boxes are placed in front of the player. One box is clear and contains a visible 1,000 euros. The other box is opaque, which means the contents are unknown to […]

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why time speed up as we get older

Why does time seem to speed up when we get older?

With a deep sigh you blow out the candles on the cake. Today is your birthday and the whole family is congratulating you. You should be happy, but something is troubling you. Last year seems to have passed so quickly, even quicker than the year before. When you were younger, you never understood why your parents were always complaining about how the years went by so fast, but now you’re beginning to realise what they meant. Luckily, you’re not the only one that experiences it. It’s namely the story that everybody seems to understand; life […]

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Is big brother really watching you?

In his dystopian novel ‘1984’, George Orwell introduces a society which is controlled by the government. All the news is fabricated and everything is monitored by the so-called “Thought Police”. The book discusses the consequences of an authoritarian government and how the manipulation of facts influences politics. For instance, the main job of the protagonist, Winston Smith, is to alter the news shown to society when it did not coincide with the way things really happened. Luckily, in our era things are way less extreme (at least in the Netherlands), but similarities can be drawn […]

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The pitfalls of being intelligent

In economics, one of the first assumptions we are taught is that we are dealing with rational actors. The idea that people make rational and well-considered decisions. But in life, this almost never seems to be the case. When we look around us in the world, we see experts ignoring certain facts, authorities making the wrong decisions, and skillful professionals misinterpreting results. Even the people who teach us these principles make decisions in real-life that seem far from rational. We may ask ourselves: Why do the smartest people still make the dumbest mistakes? Smart people […]

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Embrace the spook

Scratching noises, soft but certainly close and drawing closer. You wake up and listen to them getting louder. Right in front of your bedroom door, the noise stops. The door handle starts to move down and the door is opening. Startled you reach for the light on your nightstand and turn it on. Movement at the doorpost. A hand, black and rotten, as if the owner has been dead for years, pulls back from the doorpost, back into the hallway. You scream. You hear loud stumbling noises in the hallway and the next moment the […]

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Do we need medication to cure diseases?

The whole world has been undergoing quite some big changes since the start of the year 2020, all due to the new disease COVID-19. The scientists are in a hurry to find either a preventative vaccine or a curing medicine. However, what if something as harmless as a sugar pill could cure the disease? Now, I’m not saying this would work in this situation, but this kind of treatment has worked for different situations. This mysterious idea is called the placebo effect.  What is the placebo effect? The placebo effect is based on the idea […]

20 oktober • Door Deirdre Westenbrink Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 5 minuten
Online education

A different look at online education

By now, most students will have a lot of experience with attending online lectures and tutorials. It truly has become the new normal. It might therefore also look as if online classes have nothing new or exciting to offer. However, I want to challenge you to take a different look at online education and discover all curious phenomena that occur when attending an online class. A typical online lecture or tutorial starts with a lecturer finding him or herself in a very unfamiliar and confusing setting. Instead of making a bright and well-prepared first impression, […]

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What we can learn from Norway’s prison system

This story begins on the island Bastøy, about 100 kilometres south of Oslo. With men and women happily swimming, barbecuing and sunbathing together, this place may at first glance look like a holiday destination. However, the contrary is true. 115 of the heaviest criminals are here to undergo the last years of their prison punishment. They don’t have too much to complain here, as they can visit the cinema, record songs at their own music studio or even go ski jumping. All of this is guided by unarmed guards who aren’t wearing uniforms. Some of […]

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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