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Cyber-physical attacks

Computers are taking over manual labor at an unprecedented rate. Currently, 29% of all labor is automated. It is expected that, in the US alone, 38% of jobs are automated by 2030. This increasing level of automation also paves the way for new forms of attack by domestic or foreign actors: cyber-physical attacks. Stuxnet In 2010 a new kind of computer virus was discovered in nuclear facilities in Natanz, Iran. The virus targeted PLCs (programmable logic controllers) that controlled centrifuges in uranium enrichment facilities. It is widely believed that the virus’ primary target was the […]

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You might need to change your password and here’s why

Remember those good old times when you could just use an all lowercase letter password of just six characters? You might have to bury deep into your memories, since those times are long gone. For me, the last such password I can remember, was my password for ten years ago. Back then, I could simply use turnen as my password, since that was my favorite sport. However, nowadays you need to include both lowercase and uppercase letters, characters, and numbers in your password, which also needs to be at least eight characters long. Why […]

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Machine learning in financial markets

Machine learning in financial markets

Data has become extremely valuable to many companies in the world. Huge data centres are being built to cope with the vast amount of it that is being transmitted every single second. Especially with the rise of AI and specifically machine learning, this information can be used to build models that can predict future outcomes with phenomenal accuracy. These techniques could also be very powerful when we want to predict stock markets. However, stock prices can be very volatile and investor sentiments can influence these prices as well, so how accurate are these machine learning […]

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Do you really need a VPN?

Are you reading this article using a VPN? If so, what made you decide to buy one? If not, did you ever consider getting one? Chances are quite small you have never heard of them, as everywhere you surf, advertisements flood you with the advantages of using a VPN. Many famous youtubers are getting sponsored by VPN companies to inform you about discount opportunities at the start of their videos. They all make claims about how you are unsafe on the internet and how using a VPN will solve these problems and wholly protect your privacy. […]

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The impossible program

Each year new computer systems are put into the market, featuring increased memory capacity, better screens but perhaps most importantly, stronger processors. More processing power results in handling more tasks per second or, in other words, less time per task.  A modern computer can carry out most operations in a fraction of a second, even though it took the most powerful computers minutes or even hours, 30 years ago. As computers get stronger, however, the tasks we ask them to perform get more complicated too. Whereas they once had to solve simple mathematical operations, they […]

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All the music in the world

Won’t you stay with me. The words of this 2015 hit single were directed to a beloved one-night-stand. However, soon they involuntarily got a different meaning for writer Sam Smith, begging the money he earned with the song to stay with him. Without much success, as 25% of the songwriting royalties were given to Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne. The reason for this? Plagiarism. Stay with me sounded exactly like Petty’s 1989 hit I won’t back down.   This wasn’t exactly the only time this has happened. Songs such as Dani California by the Red […]

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You got that?

When asked for the most important elements in human life, many could agree on “communication” being high up on the list. It is essential and fundamental to every aspect of life, with few exceptions to be discovered. Up to this day, many methods have been come up with for sending messages across the globe, some being more reliable than others. The field of communication, being a magnet for technological innovation, sees many advances involving reliability and speed, but one issue remains: How can one be sure every message is received?  The two generals Sending a message […]

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Chinook: world’s best checkers player

Checkers, the ancient game which was quite easy to learn, has been solved. Along with other classical games, such as Connect Four and Qubic, the game has been pronounced dead. It was killed by Jonathan Schaeffer, who made the computer checkers program ‘Chinook’. Besides that, he publicated, “Checkers is solved’, which is a mathematical proof showing that the game always results in a draw when neither player makes a mistake.   Checkers; how to play it More than 150 documented different variations of Checkers exist. Of those 150, only two versions have a large international […]

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Neural networks

Neural networks, the machine learning of the future

The human brain solves millions of problems daily. To do this, the brain first acquires the necessary information needed to solve any given problem. Then it uses and modifies this information to get a clear assessment of what the problem exactly entails. Once it knows all of this it is (in most cases) able to solve the problem at large. It is able to do so, because of the knowledge about similar problems it has already obtained. Neural networks, named after the neurons in the human brain, work in a very similar way. They consist […]

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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