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healthy brain

The lazy person’s guide to a healthy brain

Now that the summer holiday is around the corner it is time to relax and unwind. After all the exams and deadlines of the past weeks, some downtime to enjoy the weather, lay down in the park, or go out with friends is well deserved.  However, once the new year has started after weeks of just slacking around during the summer, studying or working can be quite challenging and tiresome. Your brain just isn’t used to be stimulated anymore. And even though you intended to stay healthy by sleeping a lot, eating healthy, and exercising, […]

24 juni • Door Fenna Beentjes Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 5 minuten

The math conference

Two mathematicians, Simon and Blume, are at a conference dinner, fighting over the last few pieces of lobster and steak, when another mathematician walks up to them. Having heard about the brilliance of the two, he decides to present them a riddle. After thinking for quite a while, he bends over to Simon, and whispers a number in his ear. Then, he leans over to Blume and whispers a number in his ear as well. Brimming with confidence, he states the following. “I have told each of you a number, one larger than the other, […]

22 juni • Door Pieter Dilg Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 3 minuten

The meme that is never gonna give you up

If you have been on the internet in the past fourteen years, it might have happened to you. A link was sent to you, disguised as a funny video or interesting site. You clicked on the link, and, while hearing the first tunes, you already knew what was going on. It was not the video or site you expected to appear: you had been ‘Rickrolled’.  For anyone who has somehow managed to avoid the phenomenon of Rickrolling all of this time, the gag is as follows. It involves tricking someone into clicking on a link […]

17 juni • Door Deirdre Westenbrink Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 4 minuten

Social engineering

The UG is taking new measures to prevent hackers from attacking their network. Therefore, we have been subjected to the mandatory password change, and soon, the university will require two-factor authentication for all it’s users. These measures will make it more difficult for attackers to gain access to the networks of the university, however, no matter how strong your password is, you should never forget that people are the weakest link in the security chain. That’s why we are often responsible for the failure of security systems. During the corona pandemic we have observed a […]

08 juni • Door Berke Aslan Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 2 minuten

About hamsters and microwaves

Many of you have probably heard the story of the British guy that put his hamster in the microwave. It is a true but very short tale. The hamster died and the guy was sent to jail. How many of you, however, know that one of the first microwaves ever was invented to actually heat up frozen hamsters?  Okay, I said one of the first microwaves. The “official” and better known story about the invention of the microwave oven is not quite related to the one about the hamsters. The microwave oven is actually said to […]

20 mei • Door Pieter Dilg Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 2 minuten
The Ever Expanding Universe

The ever expanding universe

For thousands of years, astronomers wrestled with basic questions about the size and age of the universe. The ancient Greeks recognized that it was difficult to imagine what an infinite universe might look like. But they also wondered that if the universe were finite, and you stuck out your hand at the edge, where would your hand go? When Einstein developed his theory of gravity in the General Theory of Relativity, his equations said that the universe should either be collapsing or expanding, whereas he assumed it was static. After Hubble discovered that the universe […]

18 mei • Door Sam Ansari Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 6 minuten

Are we alone in the universe?

Are we alone in the universe? A question that has occupied and fascinated human mind for generations. But with the enormous size of the universe, we can’t possibly be alone right? – Patrick Jans

27 april • Door Patrick Jans Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 5 minuten
Newcombs paradox

Newcomb’s paradox

Let’s suppose that we have a game with two players. One is a person that will make a decision and the other is a supercomputer that will try and predict that decision beforehand. This computer has been tested many times and the testers have worked out that the computer can predict the decision of the player with 99% accuracy. The game works as follows: two boxes are placed in front of the player. One box is clear and contains a visible 1,000 euros. The other box is opaque, which means the contents are unknown to […]

15 april • Door David Anthonio Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 5 minuten

Podcast de Econometrist: de balans tussen feest en sport

Een primeur! De allereerste podcast in de geschiedenis van de Econometrist. In deze podcast duiken Sjors en Jochem dieper in de rol van sport in het leven van een student, en alle keuzes en uitdagingen die daarbij komen kijken. Tune in en zone out door jezelf onder te dompelen in de wereld van de studentensportverenigingen, de FOMO die door sport op de loer ligt en de anekdotes van twee zelfverklaard ervaringsdeskundigen. Te beluisteren op zowel de Econometrist als Spotify! Deze podcast is gemaakt door Sjors Keet en Jochem Hak

25 maart • Door Jochem Hak Tijd om te lezen Minder dan een minuut
the economy of OSRS

Introduction to Economics – Old School Runescape Edition

It is the year 2007. The school bell has rung and you’ve jumped on your bike and are sprinting home as fast as possible. At home you fire up the Windows Vista powered desktop computer, you launch the game client, and “Jungle Island” starts to play. It is time to fish an inventory full of lobsters. Afterward, the long walk to Varrock west bank starts. Luckily, you have just finished your typing courses, so you can start spamming your offer as fast as possible: “Selling lobsters 200 ea”. And now you just have to wait […]

16 maart • Door Jochem Hak Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 12 minuten

Cyber-physical attacks

Computers are taking over manual labor at an unprecedented rate. Currently, 29% of all labor is automated. It is expected that, in the US alone, 38% of jobs are automated by 2030. This increasing level of automation also paves the way for new forms of attack by domestic or foreign actors: cyber-physical attacks. Stuxnet In 2010 a new kind of computer virus was discovered in nuclear facilities in Natanz, Iran. The virus targeted PLCs (programmable logic controllers) that controlled centrifuges in uranium enrichment facilities. It is widely believed that the virus’ primary target was the […]

11 maart • Door Berke Aslan Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 2 minuten

Bitcoin: the 21st century gold

Most of you have probably heard about it in the news lately: the Bitcoin price is reaching new highs, which have never been seen before. This is mainly due to the fact that several financial firms have announced that they will invest their money into bitcoin. Other firms have predicted that the bitcoin price will increase, some saying even that it will reach $146K before the end of 2021. This is quite interesting considering the fact that bitcoin is a relatively new asset, and most people think this is pure speculation. That is not so […]

12 januari • Door Berke Aslan Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 2 minuten

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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