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Music is the perfect workout for your brain

If you want to train your body you should go to the gym. Do you want to exercise your brain? Then you should listen to music. Music impacts multiple parts of the brain. Did you know that music acts on the brain similar to cocaine? Listening to music increases dopamine in the nucleus accumbens, which is the same part of the brain that acts on illegal drugs. Luckily, music can be used for more positive purposes, such as pain reduction, stress relief and a better memory. Memory Listening to music can bring back a memory […]

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Outsmarting Spotify with complete silence

In March 2014, an American band named Vulfpeck released the album Sleepify. With the money raised by this album they did a Sleepify tour across America with shows that people could attend free of charge. Nothing too special so far, what’s the catch? Well, Sleepify lived up to its name: there isn’t a single sound on the entire album. Golden silence Sleepify consists of 10 songs each lasting just over 30 seconds, all of them completely silent. At the release, Vulfpeck asked its fans to play the album on repeat while they were sleeping, thereby […]

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All the music in the world

Won’t you stay with me. The words of this 2015 hit single were directed to a beloved one-night-stand. However, soon they involuntarily got a different meaning for writer Sam Smith, begging the money he earned with the song to stay with him. Without much success, as 25% of the songwriting royalties were given to Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne. The reason for this? Plagiarism. Stay with me sounded exactly like Petty’s 1989 hit I won’t back down.   This wasn’t exactly the only time this has happened. Songs such as Dani California by the Red […]

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Musical roads

Rumble strips are small bumps in the side of the road to alert drivers when they stray away from the middle of the driveway. Especially for people driving long roads at night, such a strip can be a life-saving instrument. If a tired driver slowly drowses away, he or she will be aroused by the annoying sound that the car makes when driving over these sleeper lines. Also people that are paying attention to their phone instead of the road may be stirred up by the strips. Did you know, however, that in many countries, […]

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Perfectly out of tune

Almost everybody enjoys some nice piano music, at least occasionally. Although some more keen of the instrument than others, many would claim being able to diagnose an out-of-tune piano. Fact is, however, that a piano is never in perfect tune. I’ll tell you why.   The piano is an instrument that, like the guitar, uses the vibration of its strings to produce sound. The tone that a string produces is determined by multiple factors, such as its length, tension and composition. On the piano string, waves reflect from both ends. The superposition of reflecting waves […]

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Putting the con in Eurovision Song Contest

May 18, for the first time in 44 years Holland received one of the biggest prices in existence. Approximately 182 million people from all over the world witnessed the epic battle that was decided in the last minutes of the contest. Of course you will know which contest is meant: The Eurovision Song Contest! On the 18th of May, Duncan Lawrence grasped the victory with his song Arcade. With 498 points he beat runner-up Italy with a mere 26 points. This is of course very exciting because it means that in 2020 the Eurovision Song […]

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De pophit van morgen

De opkomst van Big Data is ook bij de popindustrie niet onopgemerkt gebleven. – Agnes Lieftinck

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Euclidische ritmes

Lang geleden vereeuwigde Euclides in zijn boek Elementen een algoritme. Tegenwoordig blijkt dit algoritme niet alleen zijn toepassingen te kennen in de wiskunde – Jorrit Visser

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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