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home advantage

Home advantage in football: does it exist?

Football is the most popular sport of the world. It is to some extent even part of our culture. Especially during the world championships, the whole country is in the grip of this sport. Everyone basically wants the same thing: their team to win. A very important factor here is the so-called “home advantage”: teams who play in their home stadium tend to have an advantage over their opponents. However, now during the COVID-19 pandemic, football matches are played in empty stadiums. There are no yelling supporters anymore singing for their home team. This is […]

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Interview with TKP

Interview with TKP

TKP, have you already heard of them? When you are a student in Groningen, the answer is probably yes. You probably have encountered their famous ‘red tower’ on the ring road numerous times. However, there are also a lot of students who have heard of them but still do not know what it is exactly that they do. Therefore, we have performed an interview with Harm Donkers-Kim of TKP to get to know everything about them. In this article, we will discuss all the ins and outs of the company, their advancements in the field […]

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family name

Will your family name ever go extinct?

Nowadays, in most countries, everyone has a surname. Some names are very common, like “de Jong” in the Netherlands, or for example “Nguyễn” in Vietnam, where almost 40% of the population has this surname. On the other hand, some surnames are extremely rare. For instance in Thailand, where surnames were largely introduced in 1913 and no family was allowed to duplicate any existing surnames. Perhaps, you have a very rare surname yourself. Then you might have asked yourself this question: will my family name ever go extinct? In this article, I will demonstrate a mathematical […]

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Hot hand

Do basketball players have a hot hand?

If you are a basketball fan, you are probably familiar with the term: the hot hand. This is often used when a player is on a scoring streak and it seems likely that he will also score the next point. He is very confident, he feels good, and therefore it seems like his hand is just “on fire”. Former Chicago Bulls coach Doug Collins famously told about their tactic at the end of the match when Michael Jordan was doing well: “Get the ball to Michael and everybody get the f*** out of the way”. […]

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Do storks deliver babies?

When you were still a little child, you were probably told that all babies were delivered by storks. Later, when you got older, you found out that this idea is total nonsense. However, imagine that you are still in doubt whether this idea is true, and to discover the truth, you want to use your statistical abilities. As it turns out, from a statistical point of view it seems that storks really do deliver babies. Or does it not? Robert Matthews In the year 2000, Robert Matthews, professor at Aston University, published an academic paper […]

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Motivated reasoning causes a lot of biases and smart econometricians might even be more susceptible to this.

Why smart econometricians say stupid things

A lot of different opinions circulate through society about the ongoing corona crisis. One thinks that the government imposed ridiculous measures, another believes that the government is being far too lenient and maybe you feel that it is fine this way. Even among researchers, there is still a lot of dissension. Where does this radical difference of opinions come from if everyone has the same data? Motivated reasoning Obviously, fighting the coronavirus is a complex problem and therefore, there is not one simple solution. However, this polarity among experts in the field can partially be […]

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Neuralink, our new future?

Elon Musk has always been known as a man of revolutionary ideas, but the following idea might be the most revolutionary of them all. Last week on the 7th of May, he joined the Joe Rogan podcast. Here he revealed new details about his company Neuralink. The idea of this company is to implant very thin electrode wires in the human brain. In this way, it can cure almost any disease which has something to do with the brain. Furthermore, these devices would even allow us to communicate with each other without speaking. The technique […]

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The math behind the coronavirus

At the moment we live in a big crisis, the corona crisis. Already more than one million people over the world are infected and more than 60,000 people died. A lot of countries are having big outbreaks and the health care is having capacity problems. This is also one the many articles which you probably have seen about the coronavirus. What distinguishes this article from the rest is that it will dive a lot deeper into the mathematical models which researchers use to forecast the spread of the coronavirus. It is of course extremely important […]

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How algorithms can choose your date

Feeling spontaneous, the mayor of Groningen wants to help all singles in the city. He wants to do this by organizing a date for every single in town. Since he thinks that you are pretty smart, because you study econometrics, he gives you the job of making all the combinations for the dates. How would you do this? In this case, we assume that we know the preferences of everyone. So from every man, we get a list with a ranking of women he prefers and from every woman we get a list with a […]

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Sinterklaas drawing lots

Sinterklaas special: The math of drawing lots

  It is almost that time of the year again: 5 December. In the Netherlands we also call it ‘pakjesavond’. Especially the children look forward to it throughout the whole year. A well known tradition around this time of the year is drawing lots: everybody gets a lot with the name of somebody else and you should buy a gift and write a poem for that person. An often encountered problem is that you do not draw another person but that you draw yourself. But how likely is it that this will happen? When I […]

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The math behind your love life

Normally, when we apply mathematics in the real world it is to find patterns, to find the underlying dynamics of something which is complex at first sight. We use it for example to predict earthquakes, to compute the premium of an insurance or to find the optimal strategy how to run our business. These are things which follow patterns, they do not happen out of the blue and there is some underlying logic. However, not everything can easily be described by math. On that side, I would put love. Love is mysterious and a lot […]

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Can econometrics save lives at sea?

Today we live in a world where data science and machine learning are getting bigger and bigger. The current output of data in the world is roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes a day and a quintillion means a number followed by 18 zeros! But what about situations when there is very little data but actions need to be taken? For example, when the coast guard is searching for a person lost at sea. The United States Coast Guard (USCG) encounters about 20,000 search and rescue cases in a year. This can be anything: a person who […]

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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