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AlphaZero: the new king of chess

It may seem like a guy with a really curious last name gave his child an even weirder first name, but AlphaZero is actually the name of the computer program developed by DeepMind (owned by Google). This year, this program managed to shock the chess world by beating Stockfish 10, which used to be the strongest chess engine in the world. To make this performance even more impressive, it took AlphaZero only four hours to become this good at chess. Checkmate humans, your time is over. AlphaZero vs. Stockfish This is not the first impressive […]

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De Fermiparadox: waar zijn de aliens?

Op een mooie, heldere avond kijk je naar de sterren en vraag je je af: ben ik hier alleen? Is daar iemand? Buitenaards leven is een onderwerp dat iedereen wel in meerdere of mindere mate bezig houdt. Onlangs is er op de planeet met de uiterst origineel verzonnen naam K2-18b voor het eerst waterdamp op een planeet in de leefbare zone buiten ons zonnestelsel gevonden. Een mooie aanleiding om ons verder te buigen over de vraag: is er intelligent leven buiten aarde? Formule van Drake Laten we dit onderzoek beginnen met de formule van Drake. Hiermee […]

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Don’t trust anyone older than L

Feeling low on motivation to study for the last exams of this study year? Here is some perfect ‘sog’-material in the form of a small challenging riddle! We are marooned on an island that has the following curious property: Everyone over a certain age lies all the time. More specifically, there is an age limit L — a positive integer — and all islanders who are younger than age L only tell the truth, while islanders who are at least L years old only tell lies. We are greeted by five islanders who make the […]

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How to build a monopoly

The story goes that Thales of Milete, the Greek philosopher, wanted to disprove the claim that philosophers don’t know how to make money. He therefore used all the money he had to buy all available olive presses right before the harvest. After this, he could rent them out at a really high price when demand peaked. This became known as one of the first examples of a monopoly. Horizontal vs. vertical progress Everybody strives for progress in one way or another. A baker wants to bake better breads, a supermarket strives to get more customers […]

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Normality makes sense

It is one of the first concepts that you will learn in almost any introductory statistics course: the normal distribution. In more advanced courses, the concept of normality becomes so “normal” that the distribution itself is rarely looked at in depth. Why do so many things follow a normal distribution? Properties of the normal distribution The normal distribution is a mathematical creature also referred to as a “bell curve” because of its shape. All data that is normally distributed can be converted to a standard normal distribution, represented by the picture below. The x-axis gives […]

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Het basisinkomen: gratis geld maakt vrij

In 2009 begint in Londen een klein experiment met 13 daklozen. De groep zwerft al tientallen jaren rond in The Square Mile, het financiële hart van de stad. Hun verblijf heeft een flink prijskaartje: kosten van politie, justitie en zorg worden op minstens 400.000 pond per jaar geschat. Broadway, een lokale hulporganisatie besluit dat het zo niet langer kan en gooit het roer drastisch om. In één klap krijgen de zwervers zonder voorwaarde 3.000 pond per persoon, op kosten van de belastingbetaler. Het enige wat de zwervers hiervoor hoeven te doen is de vraag beantwoorden: […]

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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