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Puzzle box problem

Problem You are being held captive in a bunker with no possible way to communicate with any other life form. There is only one way to escape from this prison. You see a wooden box in front of you that has 8 knobs. It looks like the lock of the bunker. Each knob has a pointer that can point in 4 directions: up, right, down or left. On the box there is a note which states: ‘This box can be solved by turning every knob in the upright position, so all 8 knobs must be in […]

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Why the Dutch government bought stocks in Air France-KLM

You may have heard that the Dutch government bought 12.7 percent of Air France-KLM share worth 680 million euros. This has brought up a lot of commotion between the French government and the Dutch. The Netherlands actually already had some stocks in KLM but not in Air France-KLM. So why did the Dutch government suddenly buy these stocks in secret? Dutch economy and KLM The primary reason for this is the fact that Air France is not doing so well. If we look at the numbers we see that Air France’s profit is much lower […]

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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