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Christmas with a mathematical touch

At first, you may think that mathematics has nothing to do with Christmas. The only link I could think of was calculating whether you have enough budget to buy that all those present for your family. However, mathematicians will always think of a way to integrate mathematics and thus, also for Christmas. One of the most popular applications of mathematics to Christmas is analyzing the song “Twelve Days of Christmas”. In this song, a surprising mathematical pattern is used to find out how many presents the singer receives during the twelve days of Christmas. Furthermore, […]

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Is it mathematically possible for Trump to win the US election?

Running the US election takes many years, billions of dollars, a lot of self-efficacy and most importantly, 270 electoral votes. Last Thursday was the Election Day for the presidential elections of 2020. Joe Biden led the national polls since the start of the year and one day before the election he was still polling 52% ahead of Donald Trump. You might think it is obvious that the candidate with the most votes wins, but this is actually not the case…  During five different presidential elections (1824, 1876, 1888, 2000 and 2016), the person who became […]

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How can a secret stay secret?

The more people know about a secret, the greater the chance it will come out. Sounds logical right? Everyone has experienced what it is like to keep a secret and it is not exceptional that the truth comes out. Actually, secrets are like mini-conspiracy theories, so imagine the impact of how many people know the truth on a large and important conspiracy theory. Oxford University researcher David Robert Grimes developed a mathematical equation for the success rate of conspiracy theories. How long does it take for the truth to come out? One of the most […]

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7 tips voor de leukste podcast

Podcasts zijn tegenwoordig erg populair. Naar schatting luistert één op de vijf zeker eens per maand naar een podcast. Voordelen zijn dat je ze wanneer je maar wilt kunt luisteren en je niet naar een scherm hoeft te kijken. Daarnaast is er een enorme keuze aan genres: van sport en economie tot eten en politiek. Om de keuzestress wat te verlichten heb ik 7 leuke en interessante podcasts uitgekozen met elk een andere genre.  Politiek: Haagse Zaken Haagse Zaken is de politieke podcast van NRC. Elke week praat politiek redacteur Lamyae Aharouay haar luisteraars bij […]

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coronavirus economie

The coronavirus recession: the mother of all financial crises

The coronavirus crisis can be described as a generation conflict between the boomers and millennials. Sander Schimmelpenninck, a Dutch journalist, explains that it is logical that virologists may be the most important counselors nowadays, but the younger generations have to pay the bill for this economic downturn and don’t let anything hear from them. The millennials should realise that this crisis has big consequences. It may even have bigger consequences than the credit crisis in 2008, such as a double recession. In this article, I give an overview of the economic impact of the coronavirus. […]

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The shortage of appealing men

The shortage of appealing men is a melodrama that is one of the great riddles of social life. These available, sociable and genuinely attractive men are universally highly demanded in our society. Shouldn’t there be about as many highly eligible men as there are attractive, eligible women? Some men claim their love fortune has to to with becoming more attractive with age, but many women give the explanation that male faults have become easier to overlook. When women don’t find The One, they settle for the sociable but unattractive men, the attractive but unsociable or […]

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optimal life partner

The optimal rejection-phase of love

Do you need some help with finding the right lover or do you seek confirmation for your current love? Love is one of the most non-abstract phenomena one knows and as econometricians, there is only one thing we understand perfectly; mathematics. To help you understand love a little better, I will show you that equations and graphs can guide your love life. Lucky for you, Valentine’s day is this Friday, which will be the best opportunity to test if you understand the mathematics of love properly. Let me give you a hint: the magic number […]

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Are you smart enough to work at Google?

Google is known as the king of riddle recruitment and its insanely difficult puzzles often go viral online. Large companies use these recruitment puzzles to narrow down a huge graduate applicant pool to a select few. A coder googled the words “python lambda function list comprehension” and got “You’re speaking our language. Up for a challenge?” as an answer from the search engine. After the coder solved the “100 hats riddle”, he was offered a job at the tech powerhouse.  The “100 hats riddle” There are 100 prisoners lined up by an executioner and they […]

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#MoveTheDate of Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day is the calculated date on which humanity’s resources consumption for the year exceeds Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources that year. According to the Global Footprint Network, in 2019 the Earth Overshoot Day was on 29 July, which is earlier than ever. This date has moved up the calendar by two months over the past 20 years and not a single of the EU countries is performing at a sustainable level yet. World’s population is using natural resources 1.75 times faster than our planet’s ecosystem can regenerate. This is possible because we […]

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Gung Ho! Een overtuigende methode om uw medewerkers te inspireren

In het boek Gung Ho! wordt het verhaal van een Amerikaanse fabriek verteld waarin Indiaanse wijsheden zorgen voor een cultuurverandering. Deze fabriek is de meest verliesgevende organisatie van de multinational en de nieuwe manager Peggy heeft 6 maanden gekregen om deze fabriek te redden. Tegelijkertijd bevat deze fabriek de meest efficiënte afdeling van de multinational, waar Gung Ho wordt toegepast. Gung Ho, de Chinese benaming voor samenwerken, bestaat uit drie principes; de drijfveer van de eekhoorn, de werkwijze van de bever en de gave van de gans. Deze werkomgeving resulteert in gemotiveerd personeel en daardoor […]

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Mathematical solution for gerrymandering

The fairness of the elections in America has been a point of discussing for quite a while. In 2012, Republicans won a majority of 33 seats in the House, but got 1.4 million fewer votes than their Democratic opponents. Such a result is a sign of gerrymandering, the practice of drawing voting districts to favour or disfavour certain candidates or political parties. It is a good tool gain more votes and has a significant impact on the electoral system and the democratic process. The problem is that gerrymandering encourages political parties to be in power […]

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Rebus of Econometrics meme

Some students are already done with the exams and others are still studying to get as many ECTS as possible (in other words, surviving in the university library). In both situations it is nice to solve a little puzzle and to use your brain for something else than only numbers. Since I enjoy the econometric memes a lot, I made a rebus of an econometric meme. I hope you can solve the rebus and will enjoy the meme. If so, you can contact me and I am happy to share more great econometric memes with […]

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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