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Stock split

Four frequently asked questions about Apple’s and Tesla’s stock split

Every now and then, in the news you hear a new term. For me that was the term ‘stock split’. Apple and Tesla both went through a so-called stock split last month, but what does this mean for the shareholders? And what about the companies themselves? In this short article I will try to answer most of these questions and provide some other relevant information about stock splits in general. What is an example of a stock split and how does it work? So first I will try to make the concept of a stock […]

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Online exams


Due to fast spread of COVID-19 the whole world has turned upside down in an instant. The corona virus already had many consequences. Many countries have been in complete lockdown, schools were closed down and leaving the house was only allowed to get necessary supplies like groceries and  medicine. Since the schools and universities have been closed for the last few months, a quick transition to an online environment had to be made. Meaning al lectures would have to be in an online format. In addition, exams have to be taken through online means as […]

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The many-worlds theory

The many-worlds theory or also know as many-worlds interpretation is one of the two most supported theories within quantum mechanics. The theory was first proposed by Hugh Everett at the age of 26. That is also the reason why this theory was claimed to be nonsense by many other more experienced physicists. Though in the 60s and 70s the theory became more popular under the name many-worlds interpretation.  The theory basically claims that there are a number of parallel universes created at every instance. The theory was concocted to solve the problem of measuring in […]

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Neural networks

Neural networks, the machine learning of the future

The human brain solves millions of problems daily. To do this, the brain first acquires the necessary information needed to solve any given problem. Then it uses and modifies this information to get a clear assessment of what the problem exactly entails. Once it knows all of this it is (in most cases) able to solve the problem at large. It is able to do so, because of the knowledge about similar problems it has already obtained. Neural networks, named after the neurons in the human brain, work in a very similar way. They consist […]

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Quantum computers

The danger of quantum computers

The idea of a quantum computer first arose in the late century. Richard Feynman was the first person to think of using the special quantum properties to solve difficult mathematical problems. A lot of progress has already been achieved. “Let’s see what the future of quantum computers has to offer.”   A basic understanding of quantum computers All computers work in basically the same way. They receive an input of data, manipulate the data in some way and finally give an output. Quantum computers are no different. But what makes them so special? Quantum computers […]

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The Riemann Hypothesis: how to earn a million with math?

The Riemann Hypothesis, a mathematical hypothesis conjectured by famous mathematician Bernhard Riemann, is one of the seven most famous mathematical problems of the last millennium. A price of one million dollars is awarded to the person who provides a solution to one of these problems. The Riemann Hypothesis is used in a multitude of other mathematical proofs, mostly in prime number theory. Therefore, it is crucial that the hypothesis is proven. Definition of the Riemann Hypothesis To start: The Riemann hypothesis states that all nontrivial zeros of the continuous analytic extension of the Riemann Zeta […]

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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