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Blue Zones in Statistics – The ingredients for a higher life expectancy

‘Forever young, I want to be forever young! Do you really want to live forever, forever and ever young?’ is what has been sung in a popular song. This question has been asked frequently by a lot of people. The answer to this question certainly differs per person. Yet, we are trying to figure out for hundreds of years what makes people older and what doesn’t, in order to live longer ourselves. One of the great ways to investigate this is by looking at Blue Zones. In this article we will dive into one specific […]

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Brexit Explained

In the past few weeks you probably have come across the composition of Great Britain and the word exit, Brexit. Simply said, the Brexit is the departure of Great Britain who are currently still part of the European Union. Motivation The relationship between Great Britain and the European Union has been complicated since they joined the former EU, the European Economic Community in 1973. Although the U.K. was one of the first countries to establish the EU, their borders and currency remained in their power. Great Britain has several reasons for leaving the EU. This […]

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Econometrics in the humanitarian sector

In different sectors, companies reckon more than ever the econometrician is a valued employee. Firms striving for innovation and a data driven approach nowadays, will hire a data analyst at some point, in order to derive significant outcomes. Through research, solutions yield more efficient, faster and less costly improvements. The financial sector, strategy consultancy and actuary invest in such way, the company knows an entire team of data analysts. But did you ever wonder how an econometrician can do his work in the humanitarian sector and at which companies this is possible? A different path […]

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Waarom olieprijzen en aandelen sterk gecorreleerd zijn

In de periode van 2006 tot 2017 fluctueerden de olieprijzen gigantisch, iets waar je als aandeelhouder niet op zit te wachten. Deze periode kende veel volatiliteit en er ontstonden twee scherpe crashes. De eerste crash, in 2008, was geassocieerd met de financiële crisis en de Grote Recessie. De tweede crash vond plaats in het begin van 2016. Toen de olieprijzen aan het begin van 2016 vielen, noteerden wereldwijde aandelen een van hun slechtste start ooit voor een nieuw jaar. De S&P 500-index daalde 0,7% tijdens het middaguur in New York en Brent, de wereldwijde benchmark, […]

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Fairtrade cocaine

Around 80 percent of the total market value of cocaine production is consumed by Europe and the United States. In order to transport the cocaine from South America and Western Africa to the users of the drug, nine intermediaries are needed on average. Cocaine is expensive, however, the highest price is paid by the suppliers and the environment; suppliers risk their life on a daily basis and cocaine production causes severe pollution. How can the concept of Fairtrade Cocaine put an end to this?   The origin of cocaine Although cocaine consists of many unhealthy […]

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Different types of infinity

The largest number you can think of as a kid is probably around a hundred. As you get older this is going to be a thousand and at a certain age, you are starting to realize that there is an even bigger number. Eventually the question starts to rise: what is the biggest number? Infinity? No, unfortunately you are not there yet. Infinity is the concept of describing something without any bound larger than any natural number. In phrases as ‘infinity counts or measures things’, infinity is often treated as a number, while it is […]

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Wanneer ben je dood?

Een kameel ligt dood in de woestijn met zijn hoofd naar het noorden en zijn poten naar het oosten, wat klopt hier niet? Inderdaad, zijn hart. Een welbekend raadsel met de onderliggende gedachte dat zodra je hart niet meer klopt je dood bent. Voor veel mensen de definitie van een overleden persoon. Maar zo gemakkelijk is het nog niet. Zo kan een EEG scan tot drie dagen na het doodverklaren van je hersenstam nog hersenactiviteit waarnemen en een pacemaker je hart laten functioneren wanneer je al overleden bent. Vandaar dan ook de gecompliceerde vraag voor […]

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The Theory of Everything

  For hundreds of years scientist have tried to unify the laws of physics. Recently, researches came up with appealing ideas about the universe. With use of Einstein’s Theories and the European laboratory for particle physics in Geneva, the belief of something called the String Theory arises among physicists. Visualizing the dimensions When looking at a point, it has no size nor a dimension. A point is an imaginary idea indicating a position in a system, just like a coordinate. Adjusting a second point, and joining these two points together by means of a line […]

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The perfect sleep pattern

What is the perfect sleeping pattern and how do we know?

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Bestaat de vrije wil?

Een raakvlak van de natuurkunde en de filosofie; wat weten we over de vrije wil? – Anne Dumoulin

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Question number six: Vieta jumping

What if even the world’s best mathematical brains can’t solve a problem? It happened in the ’88 Olympiad. – Anne Dumoulin

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Risk Intelligence: making decisions under uncertainty

Risk Intelligence is a skill that can be improved and is highly useful for many companies that need to make decisions under uncertainty. What is Risk Intelligence exaclty? What influences someone’s Risk Intelligence? And frankly even more important: how can someone improve their own Risk Intelligence? Learn more about this concept and find out what your own Risk Quotient is by taking the test. – Anne Dumoulin

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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