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Academetrics: the math behind predicting Oscar winners

The biggest night of Hollywood is almost upon us! On the night of February 9th, the annual Academy Awards will be awarded. The biggest names of Hollywood will gather in the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles to celebrate yet another year of cinematic achievements. During the ceremony, 24 golden statuettes, known as an “Academy Award of Merit” or “Oscar”, will be awarded. Every year there is an incredible fuzz when the nominees are announced and the excitement lasts until the actual award ceremony. This makes you wonder whether or not this excitement is justified. The […]

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Quantum computers

The danger of quantum computers

The idea of a quantum computer first arose in the late century. Richard Feynman was the first person to think of using the special quantum properties to solve difficult mathematical problems. A lot of progress has already been achieved. “Let’s see what the future of quantum computers has to offer.”   A basic understanding of quantum computers All computers work in basically the same way. They receive an input of data, manipulate the data in some way and finally give an output. Quantum computers are no different. But what makes them so special? Quantum computers […]

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artificial intelligence

21st-century discrimination

The past decade has been the decade of artificial intelligence. With the abundance of data that is generated every day, more and more decisions are made using data analytics and algorithms. The rise of AI in the 21st century has been swift and it has made an impact on almost every field. However, just as many good things, artificial intelligence also has a downside which came to light when in the 1980s some staff members of St. George’s Hospital Medical School noticed a lack of diversity among their students. They started an inquiry to investigate […]

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The truel

Imagine it is 1872, you are sitting in a saloon with Smith and Brown, two of your old friends. However, the three of you do not seem to get along as you did before. As time passes, tall tales turn into boisterous arguments. At some point Smith has had enough and challenges both of you for a truel, a triangular pistol duel. You hesitate, knowing that you are the worst shot out of the three and look at Brown. You both know that Smith has the best aim and Brown comes second. In fact, from the […]

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The beauty behind differential equations

It is one of the most difficult courses of the year: Difference and differential equations. Where most us do not really understand what we are actually learning and doing. In my article I will try to explain that differential equations are actually one of the most beautiful concepts in mathematics. What is a differential equation? A differential equation is an equation that relates some function with its derivatives. In applications; differential equations give us an understanding how physical phenomena relate to their rates of change. The laws of physics are usually always describable through differential […]

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Guaranteed profit gambling

With over 1.6 billion people gambling at some point during a given year and over 4.2 billion people having gambled at some point in their lives, it is safe to say that gambling is booming. The risk versus reward element gives players a small rush of excitement and this is also the reason why gambling is so addictive for a lot of people. Lots of social events also include gambling, for example a poker evening. Long story short: there is a big chance that you will be gambling at some point in your life. But […]

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Are you smart enough to work at Google?

Google is known as the king of riddle recruitment and its insanely difficult puzzles often go viral online. Large companies use these recruitment puzzles to narrow down a huge graduate applicant pool to a select few. A coder googled the words “python lambda function list comprehension” and got “You’re speaking our language. Up for a challenge?” as an answer from the search engine. After the coder solved the “100 hats riddle”, he was offered a job at the tech powerhouse.  The “100 hats riddle” There are 100 prisoners lined up by an executioner and they […]

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Sinterklaas drawing lots

Sinterklaas special: The math of drawing lots

  It is almost that time of the year again: 5 December. In the Netherlands we also call it ‘pakjesavond’. Especially the children look forward to it throughout the whole year. A well known tradition around this time of the year is drawing lots: everybody gets a lot with the name of somebody else and you should buy a gift and write a poem for that person. An often encountered problem is that you do not draw another person but that you draw yourself. But how likely is it that this will happen? When I […]

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The Butterfly Effect

In the movie ‘The Butterfly Effect’ a college student, Evan Treborn, finds a way to ‘travel back in time’. He does this by inhabiting his former self, that is, his adult mind inhabits his younger body. In this way, he can change the present by changing his past behaviours. Unfortunately, this has unintended consequences for him and his friends. It is not a coincidence that this movie is called ‘The Butterfly Effect’. The movie is named after the mathematical idea that is also called the Butterfly Effect, which is based on the phenomenon that the […]

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The Riemann Hypothesis: how to earn a million with math?

The Riemann Hypothesis, a mathematical hypothesis conjectured by famous mathematician Bernhard Riemann, is one of the seven most famous mathematical problems of the last millennium. A price of one million dollars is awarded to the person who provides a solution to one of these problems. The Riemann Hypothesis is used in a multitude of other mathematical proofs, mostly in prime number theory. Therefore, it is crucial that the hypothesis is proven. Definition of the Riemann Hypothesis To start: The Riemann hypothesis states that all nontrivial zeros of the continuous analytic extension of the Riemann Zeta […]

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Guess the number of M&M’s in the jar and win …

We have all seen it at least once in our life: ‘Guess the number of M&M’s in the jar and win …’. Unfortunately, most of us have never been able to give an accurate guess. However, there exists a concept that can consistently yield accurate guesses.  The wisdom of crowds is the concept that a large group of people has a higher collective intelligence than individual experts. This idea is applicable to a vast variety of instances including problem-solving, decision-making, forecasting, and policymaking. For example, some companies measure market sentiment via Twitter feeds. Data from […]

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Predicting outcomes of tennis matches

In the article posted 4 weeks ago about the dark side of the tennis world I talked about how vulnerable the tennis sport is to match fixing. Bets can even be placed on every single point. However, is there a way to predict the outcome of matches and maybe even points? There are multiple articles that have tried to solve this problem. Many of these articles mention Markov models as I explained earlier. Now I will be digging deeper into this subject and try to predict a match between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Markov […]

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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