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How to Lie with Smoking Statistics

In 1953 publiceerde Ernest Wynder een onderzoek over longkanker, waarbij hij het teer uit sigaretten met een borstel op 81 muizen smeerde. Het resultaat van dit onderzoek was dat 44 procent van de ingesmeerde muizen kanker had gekregen en slechts 10 procent van de totale groep was na twintig maanden nog in leven. Bij de niet-ingesmeerde muizen was er bij geen van hen kanker gevonden en 53 procent was nog in leven na twintig maanden. Vanzelfsprekend liet dit onderzoek vele mensen schrikken. Het gevolg hiervan was dat de aandelen van de tabaksindustrie flink in waarde […]

12 november • Door Esther Valkonet Tijd om te lezen 5 minuten

Predicting outcomes of tennis matches

In the article posted 4 weeks ago about the dark side of the tennis world I talked about how vulnerable the tennis sport is to match fixing. Bets can even be placed on every single point. However, is there a way to predict the outcome of matches and maybe even points? There are multiple articles that have tried to solve this problem. Many of these articles mention Markov models as I explained earlier. Now I will be digging deeper into this subject and try to predict a match between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Markov […]

05 november • Door Sam Ansari Tijd om te lezen 12 minuten

AlphaZero: the new king of chess

It may seem like a guy with a really curious last name gave his child an even weirder first name, but AlphaZero is actually the name of the computer program developed by DeepMind (owned by Google). This year, this program managed to shock the chess world by beating Stockfish 10, which used to be the strongest chess engine in the world. To make this performance even more impressive, it took AlphaZero only four hours to become this good at chess. Checkmate humans, your time is over. AlphaZero vs. Stockfish This is not the first impressive […]

24 oktober • Door Sjors Keet Tijd om te lezen 3 minuten

The Muffin Problem

Imagine, you and two friends visit a bakery and buy six delicious cupcakes. However, while leaving the bakery, your friend who’s holding the box with delicacies trips and one of the cupcakes falls to the ground. All three puzzled, you look at each other, how are you going to divide five cupcakes over three people? The smaller the pieces, the bigger the chance the piece will crumble. Hence you and your friends are challenged to divide the five cupcakes over three people such that everyone receives an equal cut and the smallest piece is as […]

17 oktober • Door Fenna Beentjes Tijd om te lezen 4 minuten

De Fermiparadox: waar zijn de aliens?

Op een mooie, heldere avond kijk je naar de sterren en vraag je je af: ben ik hier alleen? Is daar iemand? Buitenaards leven is een onderwerp dat iedereen wel in meerdere of mindere mate bezig houdt. Onlangs is er op de planeet met de uiterst origineel verzonnen naam K2-18b voor het eerst waterdamp op een planeet in de leefbare zone buiten ons zonnestelsel gevonden. Een mooie aanleiding om ons verder te buigen over de vraag: is er intelligent leven buiten aarde? Formule van Drake Laten we dit onderzoek beginnen met de formule van Drake. Hiermee […]

03 oktober • Door Sjors Keet Tijd om te lezen 12 minuten

Optimizing Morse Code

Dot, dot, dot, dash, dash, dash, dot, dot, dot: SOS! You have most certainly heard of this so-called ‘Morse Code’. Morse Code is a code in which letters, numbers and even some punctuation marks are represented in dots and dashes. Back in the days, this was a very useful way of communicating over longer distances. With a so-called telegraph, people would send small electric shocks, where a short shock would be a dot and a longer shock would be a dash. They used predetermined intervals to indicate for example a space in a sentence. The […]

26 september • Door Lars Beute Tijd om te lezen 3 minuten

Can econometrics save lives at sea?

Today we live in a world where data science and machine learning are getting bigger and bigger. The current output of data in the world is roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes a day and a quintillion means a number followed by 18 zeros! But what about situations when there is very little data but actions need to be taken? For example, when the coast guard is searching for a person lost at sea. The United States Coast Guard (USCG) encounters about 20,000 search and rescue cases in a year. This can be anything: a person who […]

03 september • Door Stan Koobs Tijd om te lezen 6 minuten

Don’t trust anyone older than L

Feeling low on motivation to study for the last exams of this study year? Here is some perfect ‘sog’-material in the form of a small challenging riddle! We are marooned on an island that has the following curious property: Everyone over a certain age lies all the time. More specifically, there is an age limit L — a positive integer — and all islanders who are younger than age L only tell the truth, while islanders who are at least L years old only tell lies. We are greeted by five islanders who make the […]

14 juni • Door Sjors Keet Tijd om te lezen 3 minuten

Doomsday Argument

Het einde van de mensheid, heb jij enig idee wanneer dat zal zijn? Nee, ik ook niet. Brandon Carter heeft in 1983 een poging gedaan om dit te bepalen met behulp van kansrekening. Echter wordt zijn theorie ook wel een van de meest betwiste toepassingen van de kansrekening op het echte leven genoemd. Carter maakt in zijn theorie namelijk gebruik van deuren met kleuren en cijfers. Aan de hand hiervan probeert hij een voorspelling te doen over wanneer de mensheid uit zal sterven. Maar is het wel mogelijk om het einde van de mensheid wiskundig […]

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During the Second World War there was a great famine in Holland. Luckily, many people survived the harsh conditions. Some were even pregnant during this period and gave birth to healthy children afterwards. But when they grew up something extraordinary happened. The generation of people born shortly after this famine was shown to have higher rates of coronary heart diseases and obesity. From one generation to the next, something had changed. This could not have been caused by a mutation in the genes, since such a large share of the people showed signs of this […]

04 juni • Door Jochem Hak Tijd om te lezen 6 minuten

Tesla’s war on Uber

Tesla just had their autonomy event, in which they basically declared war on Uber with the Robotaxi, as they call it. The current Tesla models will be getting an over-the-air update, after which Tesla owners will be able to rent out their Tesla as an automated Taxi for a small fee, but will it be viable?   Current gasoline cars have an overhead cost of $0.62 per mile, with the biggest parts being fuel and depreciation. Hence, for a ride-sharing platform to be profitable, this cost plus driver fee needs to be covered. Tesla claims […]

16 mei • Door Max Kloosterman Tijd om te lezen 2 minuten

The road to happiness

One lesson we learn as little kids is that money cannot buy happiness. And with these wise words in mind we set out into the world. However, as we grow older, we find that this one important life lesson might not be as legitimate as we were taught. And as time passes we are forced to face the somewhat painful truth: money does in fact buy happiness. One particular research from Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton at Princeton University confirms this statement and has contributed a great deal to the discussion about the relationship between […]

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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