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Are jugglers actually math enthusiasts?

Juggling, something we have all tried at least once in our life. For some, it resulted in the great satisfaction of three balls flying in perfect harmony through the air. For others, it was a traumatic experience of balls flying everywhere except for the right place. It is a quite challenging, but rewarding hobby. Some studies have even shown that people who learn to juggle have a boost in their brain development. Learning to juggle accelerates the growth of neural connections related to memory, focus, movement, and vision. But despite what some people might think, […]

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Hot hand

Do basketball players have a hot hand?

If you are a basketball fan, you are probably familiar with the term: the hot hand. This is often used when a player is on a scoring streak and it seems likely that he will also score the next point. He is very confident, he feels good, and therefore it seems like his hand is just “on fire”. Former Chicago Bulls coach Doug Collins famously told about their tactic at the end of the match when Michael Jordan was doing well: “Get the ball to Michael and everybody get the f*** out of the way”. […]

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Chinook: world’s best checkers player

Checkers, the ancient game which was quite easy to learn, has been solved. Along with other classical games, such as Connect Four and Qubic, the game has been pronounced dead. It was killed by Jonathan Schaeffer, who made the computer checkers program ‘Chinook’. Besides that, he publicated, “Checkers is solved’, which is a mathematical proof showing that the game always results in a draw when neither player makes a mistake.   Checkers; how to play it More than 150 documented different variations of Checkers exist. Of those 150, only two versions have a large international […]

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Hoe een kleurenblinde jongen de allerbeste werd – Interview met Mats Valk

Het is een leuke party trick: het oplossen van een Rubik’s kubus, en dan het liefst zo snel mogelijk. Voor de 23-jarige Mats Valk, tweevoudig wereldrecordhouder en Europees kampioen speedcubing, is het echter wel meer dan dat. Wekelijks is hij urenlang bezig met het bijhouden en perfectioneren van zijn skills. In dit interview (dat wegens het Covid-19 virus via Skype plaatsvond) vertelt hij goedlachs over deze passie, het imago dat speedcubing als sport heeft en de link met econometrie.   Laten we beginnen bij het begin: waar is bij jou de fascinatie voor het Rubik’s […]

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Predicting outcomes of tennis matches

Predicting outcomes of tennis matches

In the article posted 4 weeks ago about the dark side of the tennis world I talked about how vulnerable the tennis sport is to match fixing. Bets can even be placed on every single point. However, is there a way to predict the outcome of matches and maybe even points? There are multiple articles that have tried to solve this problem. Many of these articles mention Markov models as I explained earlier. Now I will be digging deeper into this subject and try to predict a match between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Markov […]

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AlphaZero: the new king of chess

It may seem like a guy with a really curious last name gave his child an even weirder first name, but AlphaZero is actually the name of the computer program developed by DeepMind (owned by Google). This year, this program managed to shock the chess world by beating Stockfish 10, which used to be the strongest chess engine in the world. To make this performance even more impressive, it took AlphaZero only four hours to become this good at chess. Checkmate humans, your time is over. AlphaZero vs. Stockfish This is not the first impressive […]

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The dark side of the tennis world

The dark side of the tennis world

August 2 2007, Nikolay Davydenko plays against Martin Vassallo Arguello in an official ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) tournament in Poland. During this match, Davydenko was ranked fourth in the world rankings, while Arguello was ranked 87th. Meanwhile, eleven bettors of whom nine were from Russia, betted millions of dollars against Davydenko. So they thought Arguello would win the match. First set went 6-2 in advantage of Davydenko, but then in the second set he suddenly got injured and retired from the match.  Match fixing The big question we are trying to answer here is […]

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Introduction to Mathematical Cycling

It is a remarkable sport, time trial cycling. It seems comparable to road racing and at the same time it has nothing to do with it. In a road race one tries to conserve energy as long as possible, while during a time trial you want to use all the power you have got during the whole event. Spending 200 hours in a wind tunnel during the winter months to find out that you have to adjust your shorts length with four millimetres. Crazy things like switching your socks five minutes before the start of […]

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Citius, Altius, Fortius – Blijven we records breken?

“Citius, Altius, Fortius” is het motto van de Olympische Spelen. Het betekent “Sneller, Hoger, Sterker” en het lijkt of atleten elke Spelen prestaties neerzetten die aan dit motto voldoen. De eerste “moderne” Olympische Spelen vonden al plaats in 1896, maar tegenwoordig worden elk jaar nog steeds veel wereldrecords verbroken. Is het toeval dat bijna alle staande wereldrecords zo recentelijk behaald zijn, of zijn hier oorzaken voor? Dat bij sommige sporten prestaties telkens beter worden is klaarduidelijk; de uitrusting van sporters wordt steeds beter. Skiërs konden vijftig jaar geleden simpelweg niet zo snel de berg af komen […]

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De schaatssport onder de loep

Kan de startprocedure worden verbeterd door deze te automatiseren? – Jorrit Visser

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Lionel Messi gebruikt doping

Net als Cristiano Ronaldo. En Ibrahimovic ook. Want waarom zou het volledige wielerpeloton en de hele atletiek wel uit de verboden pot snoepen, maar de mondiale voetbaltop niet? – Ruben te Wierik

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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