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Save the planet, paint a cow!

We live in a time where we pay a lot of attention to the environment. You should always be looking for improvements and those can be found in the most extraordinary fields. You might wonder how painting a cow can save the planet, and that is a perfectly good question to ask yourself. Fortunately, that will be explained in this article.   First of all, painting a cow can be read in multiple ways. In this case we are talking about applying paint on the skin of a cow. Experimental studies suggest that cows painted […]

07 november • Door Jochem Hak Tijd om te lezen 3 minuten

#MoveTheDate of Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day is the calculated date on which humanity’s resources consumption for the year exceeds Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources that year. According to the Global Footprint Network, in 2019 the Earth Overshoot Day was on 29 July, which is earlier than ever. This date has moved up the calendar by two months over the past 20 years and not a single of the EU countries is performing at a sustainable level yet. World’s population is using natural resources 1.75 times faster than our planet’s ecosystem can regenerate. This is possible because we […]

22 oktober • Door Renske Zijm Tijd om te lezen 6 minuten

Putting the con in Eurovision Song Contest

May 18, for the first time in 44 years Holland received one of the biggest prices in existence. Approximately 182 million people from all over the world witnessed the epic battle that was decided in the last minutes of the contest. Of course you will know which contest is meant: The Eurovision Song Contest! On the 18th of May, Duncan Lawrence grasped the victory with his song Arcade. With 498 points he beat runner-up Italy with a mere 26 points. This is of course very exciting because it means that in 2020 the Eurovision Song […]

08 oktober • Door Jochem Hak Tijd om te lezen 7 minuten

De vriendschap paradox

Ken je dat gevoel dat jouw vrienden over het algemeen meer vrienden hebben dan jij? Dat is waarschijnlijk ook zo! Sterker nog, het is wiskundig aangetoond dat jouw vrienden over het algemeen meer vrienden hebben dan jij. De gemiddelde Facebook gebruiker heeft dan ook minder Facebookvrienden dan dat zijn gemiddelde Facebookvriend heeft. Dit klinkt erg onlogisch, vandaar dat dit fenomeen “de vriendschap paradox” heet.  In 1991 ontdekte Scott Feld dat het concept “de vriendschap paradox” bestond, na het uitvoerig bestuderen van sociale netwerken. Hoe onlogisch de paradox ook klinkt, de  wiskunde redenatie achter het fenomeen […]

10 september • Door Mark Woelders Tijd om te lezen 4 minuten

Mathematical solution for gerrymandering

The fairness of the elections in America has been a point of discussing for quite a while. In 2012, Republicans won a majority of 33 seats in the House, but got 1.4 million fewer votes than their Democratic opponents. Such a result is a sign of gerrymandering, the practice of drawing voting districts to favour or disfavour certain candidates or political parties. It is a good tool gain more votes and has a significant impact on the electoral system and the democratic process. The problem is that gerrymandering encourages political parties to be in power […]

28 mei • Door Renske Zijm Tijd om te lezen 4 minuten

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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