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How can a secret stay secret?

The more people know about a secret, the greater the chance it will come out. Sounds logical right? Everyone has experienced what it is like to keep a secret and it is not exceptional that the truth comes out. Actually, secrets are like mini-conspiracy theories, so imagine the impact of how many people know the truth on a large and important conspiracy theory. Oxford University researcher David Robert Grimes developed a mathematical equation for the success rate of conspiracy theories. How long does it take for the truth to come out? One of the most […]

06 oktober • Door Renske Zijm Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 3 minuten

Stop the Democracy

The liberal democracy. For long, we have been led (or rather misled) to believe that the liberal democracy is the ideal system of governance. On one hand, it is true that democracies tend to give their subjects great freedom and prosperity. However, on the other hand, decision-making in democracies is negatively affected by emotions and biases. The average individual is politically uninformed, biased, and even incompetent, resulting in irrational decision-making. Perhaps, in our increasingly complex world, we need another system of governance. A system where rational political decisions are made to achieve optimal outcomes. Epistocracy […]

29 september • Door Berke Aslan Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 4 minuten

What we can learn from Norway’s prison system

This story begins on the island Bastøy, about 100 kilometres south of Oslo. With men and women happily swimming, barbecuing and sunbathing together, this place may at first glance look like a holiday destination. However, the contrary is true. 115 of the heaviest criminals are here to undergo the last years of their prison punishment. They don’t have too much to complain here, as they can visit the cinema, record songs at their own music studio or even go ski jumping. All of this is guided by unarmed guards who aren’t wearing uniforms. Some of […]

24 september • Door Sjors Keet Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 4 minuten

The secret recipe for making friends

It is the spring of 2021. A vaccine for Covid-19 has been distributed and life is getting back to normal. The weather is improving and it is the so-called first ‘Rokjesdag’. The perfect day to hit the terrace with your friends. You are enjoying a drink with your friends, while reminiscing all the good times you had together before the pandemic. You mention that it is quite remarkable that even though you could not really spend time together, you still kept in contact with each other. One of your friends responds that it is only […]

22 september • Door Jochem Hak Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 6 minuten

Diversity a threat to feminism?

Is multiculturalism bad for women? That is the title of liberal philosopher and feminist Suzan Moller Okin’s plea about the incompatibility of feminism and multiculturalism. Over the past few decades multiculturalism has always sparked a lot of debates and unleashed a lot of passions in society. And during the past years, feminists have also taken their stand in the discussion. But just like in any other debate, their opinions are very divided. The central question posed by Okin is what should be done when the norms and customs of minority cultures or religions clash with […]

08 september • Door Fenna Beentjes Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 6 minuten

Marktwerking in de zorg

Nederland is aan het vergrijzen. De babyboomgeneratie is momenteel rond de zeventig jaar oud, een leeftijd waarop veel ouderen meer zorg nodig hebben. Daarnaast is in tien jaar de levensverwachting met bijna twee jaar toegenomen. Een gevolg van deze ontwikkelingen is dat de uitgaven aan gezondheidszorg en welzijn toenemen.   Voor 2006 was er een betaalbare zorgverzekering voor burgers met een laag of modaal inkomen geregeld door een ziekenfonds. Burgers met een hoger inkomen dan €33.000 per jaar kwamen hier voor in niet aanmerking en konden zich aansluiten bij een particuliere zorgverzekeraar. Mensen, die wel in […]

23 juni • Door Esther Valkonet Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 4 minuten
True randomness

What is true randomness?

The shuffle function on Spotify is an easy way to listen to music without having to pick some numbers. However, once in a while we all seem to recognize patterns in the numbers that we listen to. The shuffle function does not seem to be so random at all, so are these numbers truly randomly picked? This recognition of a sequence is partially caused by the functioning of our brain. It is very easy for the brain to distinguish patterns in seemingly random things like shuffled music or dice roles. Especially when these “processes” are […]

18 juni • Door Casper de Vries Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 3 minuten

All the music in the world

Won’t you stay with me. The words of this 2015 hit single were directed to a beloved one-night-stand. However, soon they involuntarily got a different meaning for writer Sam Smith, begging the money he earned with the song to stay with him. Without much success, as 25% of the songwriting royalties were given to Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne. The reason for this? Plagiarism. Stay with me sounded exactly like Petty’s 1989 hit I won’t back down.   This wasn’t exactly the only time this has happened. Songs such as Dani California by the Red […]

16 juni • Door Sjors Keet Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 5 minuten

Counting cattle

In 1769, the Herzog August Library of Wolfenbüttel, Germany, appointed a new librarian. The main task of this librarian consisted of translating the many Greek and Latin manuscripts of the library. After a few years, the first batch was published, which included a Greek poem of forty-four lines that dazzled the mathematical community for over a century. This poem was about a arithmetical problem Archimedes proposes to Eratosthenes and asks the reader to find the size of the cattle in the herd of the god of the sun, Apollo. This is an interesting problem since […]

11 juni • Door Jochem Hak Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 3 minuten

Racisme: hoe groot is het probleem?

Het discriminatie probleem is sinds enkele weken weer volledig aangewakkerd. De hoofdoorzaak hiervan is toch wel de dood van George Floyd. Naar alle waarschijnlijkheid is hij tijdens een arrestatie door een politieagent gedood. Hiervan zijn gruwelijke beelden op het internet verschenen, waarin je de zwarte man herhaaldelijk ‘I can’t breath’ hoort zeggen. Deze beelden zijn viraal gegaan en hebben in veel landen tot rellen en protesten geleid. In Amerika is de ophef het grootst. Zelfs meerdere bekende Amerikanen, waaronder acteurs en topsporters sporen aan om in protest te gaan. De advocaat van George Floyd zegt […]

09 juni • Door Lars Beute Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 3 minuten

Global warming: our biggest hoax or our greatest challenge?

For the past few months Covid-19 has been dominating the way we live. Every single aspect of our lives seems to be controlled by the virus; not only the news and the political agenda have been taken over by it, but the disease has even changed the way we meet and greet each other. Nonetheless, there was a time before the Coronavirus. Not so long ago, a lot of students skipped their schools on Fridays to demonstrate in order to bring awareness about global warming, following the example of the Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg. In […]

02 juni • Door Deirdre Westenbrink Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 5 minuten

The ‘Do-Nothing’ Democrats

In late 2019, U.S. President Donald J. Trump caused widespread uproar amongst the Democratic electorate. The turmoil came after the president called the Democrats ‘Do-Nothing’.  Okay. Stop right here. I know what you’re thinking. First of all, this is not going to be the nth article talking about President Trump. In fact, this article will be solely dedicated to the topic of widespread public disagreement, that is: controversy. Many people associate controversy with something ‘bad’. Hence, when certain controversial topics become the topic of debate, a heated exchange of views is nothing out of the […]

28 mei • Door Berke Aslan Tijd om te lezen Estimated reading time: 3 minuten

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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