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dark humor

Dark humor to lighten the mood

‘If the coronavirus doesn’t kill me, being stuck in the house with my wife for three weeks will.’ Tasteless or funny? Since the lockdown, the number of jokes concerning the current pandemic has grown day by day. And while some may take offense from this dark type of humor, others just use them as a laugh to pass the time. They might be tasteless, but for most it’s just a distraction from the current situation. While sitting at home and being separated from the world, we use humor to connect with others. No matter in […]

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Peer pressure

Peer pressure

In the past few weeks, our supermarkets have been swamped by a huge demand for durable goods. This is due to the quarantine measures our government has taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, despite the notion of our prime minister to discourage buying every single roll of toilet paper, people still continued hoarding these goods. This behaviour is very typical in crisis situations and experiments have been conducted to explain the psychology behind peer pressure. Asch conformity A pioneer of social psychology Solomon Asch introduced fundamental concepts in conformity and many other […]

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Guess the number of M&M’s in the jar and win …

We have all seen it at least once in our life: ‘Guess the number of M&M’s in the jar and win …’. Unfortunately, most of us have never been able to give an accurate guess. However, there exists a concept that can consistently yield accurate guesses.  The wisdom of crowds is the concept that a large group of people has a higher collective intelligence than individual experts. This idea is applicable to a vast variety of instances including problem-solving, decision-making, forecasting, and policymaking. For example, some companies measure market sentiment via Twitter feeds. Data from […]

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The math behind your love life

Normally, when we apply mathematics in the real world it is to find patterns, to find the underlying dynamics of something which is complex at first sight. We use it for example to predict earthquakes, to compute the premium of an insurance or to find the optimal strategy how to run our business. These are things which follow patterns, they do not happen out of the blue and there is some underlying logic. However, not everything can easily be described by math. On that side, I would put love. Love is mysterious and a lot […]

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How to choose wisely

So many choices, so little time. In today’s world, everyone struggles sometimes to make a choice quickly, in fear of not picking the best one. Often the amount of options is overwhelming and the paradox of choice strikes us multiple times a day. What if there was a method that helped you pick a movie to watch or a spot to park your car? Luckily, such a method exists and it is easily explained by the following illustration: In front of you are 100 envelopes, each containing an unknown amount of cash. You are allowed […]

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Not so cheap tricks

Since January first 2019 the VAT has been raised by the Dutch government from 6% to 9%. This increase gave shop owners a choice: increase prices to pass the costs on to the customer or keep the prices put to have the opportunity to obtain competitive advantages. Over the course of three months more and more companies increased their prices. However, in most cases this increase was more than the 3 percentage point caused by the rise of the VAT. This could make you wonder what caused the other part of the price increase. In […]

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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