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snow crystal

Why do snow crystals have six sides?

It’s cold outside and the last couple of days it has been snowing heavily. Some people hate the snow and others love it, but I think we can all agree that a thick layer of snow gives some extra brightness to the world, especially in these dark winter months. This beautifulness of snow does not only apply to the new world it creates, it also holds for just a single snowflake. Most of us have seen a picture of a snowflake (or equivalently, a snow crystal) and the mesmerizing shape it has. But why does […]

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Is a Ph.D. the right option for you?

Commencing on a Ph.D. is a big decision. In a majority of cases, a Ph.D. will consume three to five years of your life. Even though a Ph.D. is a time-consuming journey, many people do not know exactly what a Ph.D. is and what advantages a Ph.D. has to offer. In fact, most first-year students are thinking of getting a Masters and to start with a non-academic job. Read this article to get more insight about doing a P.h.D!   A Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is the most common degree at the highest academic level […]

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Bitcoin: the 21st century gold

Most of you have probably heard about it in the news lately: the Bitcoin price is reaching new highs, which have never been seen before. This is mainly due to the fact that several financial firms have announced that they will invest their money into bitcoin. Other firms have predicted that the bitcoin price will increase, some saying even that it will reach $146K before the end of 2021. This is quite interesting considering the fact that bitcoin is a relatively new asset, and most people think this is pure speculation. That is not so […]

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Online education

A different look at online education

By now, most students will have a lot of experience with attending online lectures and tutorials. It truly has become the new normal. It might therefore also look as if online classes have nothing new or exciting to offer. However, I want to challenge you to take a different look at online education and discover all curious phenomena that occur when attending an online class. A typical online lecture or tutorial starts with a lecturer finding him or herself in a very unfamiliar and confusing setting. Instead of making a bright and well-prepared first impression, […]

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Mr. Pity vs. Nature

Mr. Pity was a very, very unlucky man. As a kid he had once accidentally stepped on a butterfly in the forest. But this was no ordinary butterfly! It was the most beautiful butterfly Nature had ever produced. Out of revenge, Nature cursed young Mr. Pity: “Whatever you do, I’ll try to make your life as miserable as possible!” Now, Nature’s curse became evident every time Mr. Pity faces a decision in which uncertainty is involved. For Nature is the one that pulls the strings in all probabilistic situations. Thankfully, however, the Creator had been […]

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Online exams


Due to fast spread of COVID-19 the whole world has turned upside down in an instant. The corona virus already had many consequences. Many countries have been in complete lockdown, schools were closed down and leaving the house was only allowed to get necessary supplies like groceries and  medicine. Since the schools and universities have been closed for the last few months, a quick transition to an online environment had to be made. Meaning al lectures would have to be in an online format. In addition, exams have to be taken through online means as […]

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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