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How to Lie with Smoking Statistics

In 1953 publiceerde Ernest Wynder een onderzoek over longkanker, waarbij hij het teer uit sigaretten met een borstel op 81 muizen smeerde. Het resultaat van dit onderzoek was dat 44 procent van de ingesmeerde muizen kanker had gekregen en slechts 10 procent van de totale groep was na twintig maanden nog in leven. Bij de niet-ingesmeerde muizen was er bij geen van hen kanker gevonden en 53 procent was nog in leven na twintig maanden. Vanzelfsprekend liet dit onderzoek vele mensen schrikken. Het gevolg hiervan was dat de aandelen van de tabaksindustrie flink in waarde […]

12 november • Door Esther Valkonet Tijd om te lezen 5 minuten eten of gegeten worden

Het is zaterdagavond, je bent net thuis, moet nog eten en je hebt totaal geen zin om te koken. Oplossing? Wij studenten weten maar al te goed hoe handig het kan zijn om van de diensten van Thuisbezorgd of welke andere bezorgdienst dan ook gebruik te maken. In het dagelijks straatbeeld zijn de scooters met de Thuisbezorgd reclame dan ook bijna niet meer weg te denken. Het zal je daarom ook niet verbazen dat Thuisbezorgd in 2018 een omzet heeft gedraaid van welgeteld 240 miljoen euro. Dat terwijl in 2017 deze omzet ‘slechts’ 120 […]

29 oktober • Door Lars Beute Tijd om te lezen 5 minuten

Buying a country: Trumps interest in Greenland

Trump recently made headlines, once again, by offering to buy Greenland from Denmark. As strange as it may seem, this is not even the first time the United States has tried to purchase Greenland. But why would President Trump want to buy this island, receive 500 million euros in aid from the Danish mainland to develop its economy? The answer is more logical than it may seem. First a quick history lesson: the United States has always had an interest in buying pieces of land, like the Louisiana purchase in 1803, and the Alaska purchase […]

12 september • Door Max Kloosterman Tijd om te lezen 2 minuten

The US-China Trade war

China and the United States have embarked upon a trade war as both superpowers lob threats of trade tariffs, and there seems no turning back. In this article, I’ll be analyzing why tensions between the superpowers are heating up. Tensions between the United States and China have been heating up for quite some time, as China is becoming a consumer market, and no longer just a cheap place to manufacture goods. These changes, of course, affect the United States, which relies heavily on this manufacturing. Trump has been sceptical of previous policies concerning trade with […]

25 juni • Door Max Kloosterman Tijd om te lezen 3 minuten

The Huawei ban

You have probably heard about the ban of the US for Huawei. This means that Huawei is not allowed to do business with any US company. The CEO of Huawei thinks that they will make 30 billion dollars less revenue within the coming two years. This article will point out why this ban was introduced in the first place by president Donald Trump. Besides this, the consequences of the ban for Huawei and the customers will be pointed out. What happened? Donald Trump has inhibited Huawei from doing any business inside the US or with […]

18 juni • Door Sam Ansari Tijd om te lezen 5 minuten

How to build a monopoly

The story goes that Thales of Milete, the Greek philosopher, wanted to disprove the claim that philosophers don’t know how to make money. He therefore used all the money he had to buy all available olive presses right before the harvest. After this, he could rent them out at a really high price when demand peaked. This became known as one of the first examples of a monopoly. Horizontal vs. vertical progress Everybody strives for progress in one way or another. A baker wants to bake better breads, a supermarket strives to get more customers […]

09 april • Door Sjors Keet Tijd om te lezen 6 minuten

Market Making bij Flow Traders

Een Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is een fonds samengesteld uit verschillende aandelen en/of obligaties om zo in zijn risico en rendement een gelijk resultaat te behalen als een bepaalde index. ETF’s bieden veel positieve effecten, zo kunnen onder andere investeerders met een kleine hoeveelheid kapitaal toch hun risico spreiden, doordat een ETF bestaat uit meerdere componenten, en dus hoeft een belegger niet elk aandeel los te kopen. Wanneer je dan een ETF wilt kopen, springt er misschien een vraag in je gedachte: hoe is het eigenlijk mogelijk dat je op ieder moment dat de markt […]

26 maart • Door Max Kloosterman Tijd om te lezen 4 minuten

Apple Inc.: The biggest economical dictator of all?

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things.” I happened to come across this famous quote by Rob Siltanen, director of Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaign (1997). The ‘you’ in the quote is referring to Apple, the – market value speaking […]

19 maart • Door Lars Beute Tijd om te lezen 4 minuten

Why the Dutch government bought stocks in Air France-KLM

You may have heard that the Dutch government bought 12.7 percent of Air France-KLM share worth 680 million euros. This has brought up a lot of commotion between the French government and the Dutch. The Netherlands actually already had some stocks in KLM but not in Air France-KLM. So why did the Dutch government suddenly buy these stocks in secret? Dutch economy and KLM The primary reason for this is the fact that Air France is not doing so well. If we look at the numbers we see that Air France’s profit is much lower […]

12 maart • Door Sam Ansari Tijd om te lezen 8 minuten

Brexit Explained

In the past few weeks you probably have come across the composition of Great Britain and the word exit, Brexit. Simply said, the Brexit is the departure of Great Britain who are currently still part of the European Union. Motivation The relationship between Great Britain and the European Union has been complicated since they joined the former EU, the European Economic Community in 1973. Although the U.K. was one of the first countries to establish the EU, their borders and currency remained in their power. Great Britain has several reasons for leaving the EU. This […]

07 maart • Door Anne Dumoulin Tijd om te lezen 4 minuten

Vrijheid blijheid?

The Netherlands has one of the most developed pension systems in the world. However, this system is deteriorating in comparison with how it used to be in the past. The reason for this event is, among other things, our ageing society, the increased life expectancy, the descending interest and the enormous amount of freelancers. A lot of people are questioning whether our current pension system is connecting with the time we live in right now.

05 maart • Door Esther Valkonet Tijd om te lezen 5 minuten

A world without money: happiness or affliction?

Almost every person in the world has thought at least once about the idea of a world without money. But since there does not truly exist a place where money is non-existent, it is very hard to imagine how a world without money would look like. How would you feel when we had a world without money? Would it make me happy, or would it feel like I live in one big communist world where everyone is equal? Would I feel more free without the burden of having to earn money, or would I wish […]

14 februari • Door Lars Beute Tijd om te lezen 4 minuten

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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