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The power of subliminal messages

Did you ever go for a quick stop at the grocery store to buy some essential products that you needed to have and then came back home with way more food and drinks than you were planning to do so? Like most of us, you probably have done so. You didn’t need that bottle of Coca-Cola or those cookies, but the temptation was just too big. Right back at home, you might already be asking yourself why you even did it. Well, subliminal messages might be the reason you just bought that extra drink you […]

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How Game Theory can help in environmental treaties

The bank robbery that you planned with your best friend, Llyod Shapley, did not go as successfully as you both expected. Multiple things were working against you after you hid the stolen money and as a result you both ended up in the police station. Both taken to a separate interrogation room, the police officers are not sure who was the mastermind behind this robbery. As these officers were profound economics students in their younger years, they decided to give both of you two choices. Either you keep silent or you betray your best friend. […]

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What is the price of CO2 and how can YOU change it?

“This is truly amazing news and a gigantic win for the earth, our children and all of us. The judge has spoken clearly: Shell causes severe climate change and will have to end that rapidly.’’ These were the words of Donald Pols, director of Milieudefensie in the Netherlands, after a lawsuit in which Shell was forced to bring back its CO2 emissions by 45% in 2030 compared to 2019. The event is historic: never before had a court forced an oil company to take more action in diminishing greenhouse gas emissions. The judges acknowledged that […]

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The influence of the Austrian School in Economics

If you are a student in Econometrics or Economics, the concept of marginal utility should ring a bell. From your first-year course in microeconomics to the more advanced courses later in your bachelor, the concept plays an important role in understanding microeconomics. The theory is founded on the premise that choices made by consumers are based on the preferences of the consumers. A rational consumer attaches more value to important things and gives up irrelevant items. The subjective theory of value was introduced by Carl Menger (1840–1921), one of the founders of the Austrian School […]

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Outsmarting Spotify with complete silence

In March 2014, an American band named Vulfpeck released the album Sleepify. With the money raised by this album they did a Sleepify tour across America with shows that people could attend free of charge. Nothing too special so far, what’s the catch? Well, Sleepify lived up to its name: there isn’t a single sound on the entire album. Golden silence Sleepify consists of 10 songs each lasting just over 30 seconds, all of them completely silent. At the release, Vulfpeck asked its fans to play the album on repeat while they were sleeping, thereby […]

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billionaires exist

Should billionaires exist?

You might have heard it in the news lately, the number of billionaires has never been as high as right now. At the beginning of April, the Forbes’ 35th Annual World’s Billionaires List was announced. The number of people owning more than $1,000,000,000 has increased to an unprecedented 2,755. Together they are worth $13.1 trillion, which is way more than the $8 trillion all billionaires combined were worth one year ago. This is partly due to the fact that there is a record high of 493 new billionaires and to the fact that 86% of […]

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Trading cards – Entertainment or investment?

With trading cards becoming more popular the last year, it seems not only collectors have taken an interest. Some investors and companies are now starting to invest in these trading cards.

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the economy of OSRS

Introduction to Economics – Old School Runescape Edition

It is the year 2007. The school bell has rung and you’ve jumped on your bike and are sprinting home as fast as possible. At home you fire up the Windows Vista powered desktop computer, you launch the game client, and “Jungle Island” starts to play. It is time to fish an inventory full of lobsters. Afterward, the long walk to Varrock west bank starts. Luckily, you have just finished your typing courses, so you can start spamming your offer as fast as possible: “Selling lobsters 200 ea”. And now you just have to wait […]

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The Weeknd Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show 2021

The Super Bowl is won during the Half-Time Show

It started with marching bands, Micheal Jackson made it big, Diana Ross used a helicopter and Justin Timberlake caused women to be ignored for 7 years during the hiring process. We are of course talking about the Super Bowl Half-Time Show! The 15-minute extravaganza has been part of the sports event since the start and has helped it to become one of the largest broadcasted events each year. However, it took 26 Super Bowls to figure out that hiring A-list talent was the way to go. Michael Jackson, U2, Lady Gaga, Shakira & Jennifer Lopez, […]

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Democratising the stock market

Last week, many eyes were pointed at wall street. I am, however, not yet talking about the GameStop short squeeze that took place around the 27th of January. The establishment of new online stock trading platforms has served as an agora for the public to learn about stock trading and to sell and buy them with a tap on their phone. While sophisticated Wall Street brokers did not bother handling accounts with two hundred dollars, these platforms gladly took in any interested individual.  The public took its share in online stock trading, while still being looked […]

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The GameStop Market Chaos

You’ve probably heard of Reddit before. It is a social media platform consisting of a network of communities, called subreddits. Most people tend to use Reddit to post messages and share content with each other. Last week however, members of the subreddit r/wallstreetbets all helped raise the stock of Gamestop, a struggling American videogame retailer, from $20 to a stunning $480. This resulted in huge profits and losses, and overall a very volatile stock market. So, how did a group of redditors manage to dominate the stock exchange?

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Is big brother really watching you?

In his dystopian novel ‘1984’, George Orwell introduces a society which is controlled by the government. All the news is fabricated and everything is monitored by the so-called “Thought Police”. The book discusses the consequences of an authoritarian government and how the manipulation of facts influences politics. For instance, the main job of the protagonist, Winston Smith, is to alter the news shown to society when it did not coincide with the way things really happened. Luckily, in our era things are way less extreme (at least in the Netherlands), but similarities can be drawn […]

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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